The Shannara Chronicles is Game of Thrones with pretty teens

The insane popularity of Game of Thrones and dystopian world like The Hunger Games have spawned many imitators trying to get in on the action. Some are better than others, but none have combined the two on television until now. Meet the Shannara Chronicles.

MTV has taken the late 70's book series by Terry Brooks and turned it into an action packed CG filled television series that hopes to draw in large crowds. If this turns into a hit, MTV will have plenty of material to draw on since the book series is still going strong today. The story is set thousands of years into the future after a nuclear holocaust devastated the majority of the planet.This causes mankind to mutate into your favorite fantasy races: Men, Dwarves,Gnomes and Elves. The show is based on the second book in the series titled The Elfstones of Shannara which follows princess Amberele ( Poppy Drayton), human Ertria (Ivana Baquero) and a humna-elf hybrid names Wil (Austin Butler). The series is set to premieere in January 2016.


Oliver Ayala

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