Rage of the Bahamut: Manaria Friends set to premiere in 2016

Cygames' social game Rage of the Bahamut is pretty popular. It even spawned an unexpectedly good anime in 2014 titled Rage of the Bahamut: Genesis  which ran for 12 episodes. Now it looks like we're getting a new anime based on the game. Specifically, based on an in-game event called "Manaria Academy of Magic". The official website for the new anime titled Rage of the Bahamut: Manaria Friends launched a 50 second teaser. The story focuses on the school life of honor student princess Anne and dragonborn princess Grea inside Manaria Academy of Magic.

Yoko Hikasa is set to reprise her role and voice Anne in the anime. She will be joined by Ayaka Fuuhara as Grea. 


Oliver Ayala

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