Halo Wars 2 Announced

Microsoft is continuing its support of the Halo series with the announcement for Halo Wars 2 coming out of Gamescom 2015. The game developed by Creative Assembly (owned by Sega) is set for Q4 of 2016 and is planned for Windows 10 and the Xbox One. The cinematic trailer doesn't feature any gameplay, but the same same basic formula is expected to return. Any specifics and upgrades since the original will be revealed as time goes on, but I always look forward to a new RTS (Real Time Strategy).More news is sure to come out of Gamescom so make sure to keep checking back for updates. 

Halo Wars 2 is an exciting new strategy game packed with fast-paced action, massive battles, and an all-new Halo story, coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 in fall of 2016.

[Source neoGAF]


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