Verizon Starts its Plan to Increase LTE Speeds

Love them or hate them, it looks like Verizon Wireless continues to increase their LTE speeds. They are currently setting up 4x4 MIMO ( multiple input and multiple output) technology that utilizes four transmitters and four receivers. The announcement came out of the Wells Fargo Telecom Symposium and Verizon's VP of network support Mike Haberman said that Verizon is deploying carrier aggregation technology in its 20x20 MHz spectrum channels. 

What does that mean? Basically, they want to make sure that they are using up every bit of their allotted chunk of the wireless spectrum. They hope to achieve this by deploying new small cells, Distributed Antenna Systems and macro cell sites. Despite these improvements in efficiency, this plan appears to be a stopgap that won't hold up to the increasing demands of mobile users. At some point, Verizon will have to somehow acquire a larger chunk of the spectrum to meet demands. This might all seem well and good, but customers also are increasingly demanding more flexible plans and lower rates. Verizon won't be the only company seeking network improvements which will hopefully open up the field for a more competitive market which is good for customers and innovation.

[source Dslreports]


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