Featured Artist of the Day

In another entry in our featured artists section, we take a look at Russian artist Ilya Kuvshinov who hails from Japan. Kuvshinov also goes by the name KR0NPR1NZ on the popular art sharing site DeviantArt. KR0NPR1NZ is clearly talented, but came under fire back in February for plagerzing stills from anime and manga. Kuvshinov would take images and recreate the compostion (angles and poses) using his own style. Despite not tracing the images, many feel that composition is an incredibly difficult element to come up with and that he should have given credit for the inspiration. The biggest citicism came from the fact that he sold prints that were inspired by other artists. The issue was a pretty big deal since Kuvshinov's Patreon earned him more than $3,000 per week. Noted artist Sakimichan even made a statement about the scandal  and pointed out why KRONPR1NZ was in the wrong. He has since taken down the prints that were accused of plagiarism and issued an apology. He  denied tracing , but acknowledged he should have given credit and references for the source of the original compositions. It's a tricky line and in some cases he would change the image enough to warrant his art being called original, but in other cases the images were nearly identical. Despite the scandal , it is clear that he has a lot of talent and his story can serve as a lesson to up and coming artists. Simply not tracing doesn't give you enough clearance and KRONPR1NZ learned this the hard way. Make sure to take a look below and see some of his original work and see for yourselves what he is capable of doing. 

20x speed-up painting process video of Yesterday wo Utatte's Haru fan art. More videos, steps, PSDs, brushes here: https://www.patreon.com/KR0NPR1NZ Music: Delphic - Acolyte

A week ago, my favorite manga 'Sing Yesterday for Me' came to an end after 18 years of serialization. To celebrate the end of the most important story in my life, I decided to do a little fan video about this manga. Took me five days to make a storyboard and paint all the scenes. Lines are done with pencil on paper, colors done in Photoshop. All the scenes are based on the original scenes and characters from the manga. Music: Bambi by Tokyo Police Club Compositing: Denis Pisarev, Pasha Vasin

[source DeviantArt}