Intel's Xeon Processors Heading to Laptops

Intel's workstation Xeon processors are heading to laptops with their reveal of the E3-1500M v5. For those reading who are not familiar with the Xeon line of processors and why they are any different from the i7 line, it's basically that Xeon processors have more cores. It's a lot more complicated than that, but the gist is that more cores on a chip is like having more processors crunching away at numbers. So why don't all computers run on Xeon processors? Well, for one, the are much more expensive than your i7's. Second, having more cores isn't always needed or helpful. Xeon processors only come in handy when the software being used is designed to use multiple mores and needs it. High-end video games benefit much more from a decent graphics card than they ever would from a Xeon processor. If you're a video editor or running high end 3D renedering software then a Xeon might come in handy to shave off time from long renders where the CPU is used much more. Trust me, there are a lot more nuances, but that is the basic concept.

As for the specifics of the E3-1500m v5, it appears to be based on Skylake and has typical Xeon features like error-correcting memory and remote management. New features include a Thunderbolt 3 connector. It can even output a 4k image to two displays and run USB-C devices from one port. This is certainly a tempting direction since power users will now have a mobile option for their work needs. The PC market might be shrinking due to tablets, but it's nice to see developments for those of use who still rely on a mouse and keyboard.


Oliver Ayala

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