Lets Stop Calling Fox's Fantastic Four Failure A Marvel Film

So by now the news of the fantastically horrible reviews and domestic box performance for Fox's adaptation of the Fantastic Four has become pretty well known. What apparently isn't well known is that Marvel Studios (owned by Disney) did not make the movie. Now, it might be obvious to those of us who immerse ourselves in these films and follow them closely, but many publications are not helping things.

Take a look at this article published by Screen Rant titled " Fantastic Four is the Worst Reviewed Marvel Movie Ever". While technically accurate because the movie is based on a Marvel Comics property, it easily confuses people who don't know that it was made by Fox. Unfortunately, some people only read the headlines and don't bother reading the actual articles. For example, the Screen Rant article clarifies that FF is a Fox film.  Now, only reading the headlines is certainly not very smart, but it happens and misleading titles like this don't help. I read countless comments and overhear countless conversations where people mistakenly believe that the Fantastic Four film takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also doesn't help that Mr Movie Phone himself doesn't correct popular DJ's when they ask why Marvel can't make a good Fantastic Four film. 

 "...there needs to be some more clarity when crediting who exactly is responsible for this film"

Whether or not the film is actually the worst thing since the first lego block met the first human foot is up for debate, but there needs to be some more clarity when crediting who exactly is responsible for this movie. It is a Fox film and not a Marvel Studios production. Ultimately, some might lay blame on Marvel for having sold the rights to different studios when it was facing bankruptcy. Though immediate blame for this film has been unclear with talks of director Josh Trank being difficult on set and Fox Studio execs making last minute changes and making Trank's job impossibly difficult. 

What is clear is that Fox needs to stop and think for a good solid minute and look at what Sony has done with Spider-Man. Even they eventually admitted that they were unable to make Spider-Man work. Marvel Studios was able to make a talking tree and raccoon from an unknown comic more engaging than one of the most famous superhero's ever. Even if Marvel doesn't want to use the Fantastic Four because of how toxic it has become, they might still be interested in the supporting alien characters that were part of the movie deal; characters like the Silver Surfer and Galactus. Hopefully, Fox wises up and strikes a deal with Marvel so we can some day see The Fantastic Four teaming up with The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man for the most mind blowing cinematic experience ever.


Oliver Ayala

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