Dressing geek takes on a whole new meaning at the Sayonara Fashion Show at Anime California

Anime California has come and gone and we are left with some good memories. Mega conventions like Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con International offer a giant flashy experience that draws in thousands. Dozens of other conventions are scattered throughout the year and each one hopes to someday reach the size and power of these behemoth. It's no surprise that Anime California resides in Anaheim's Marriott hotel,next door to the Anaheim Convention Center and not the actual convention center itself. The official numbers aren't in yet, but Anime California was aiming for 6,000 attendees this year and if Saturday was any indicator, they might have reached their goal. A few more years and they will need to move next door if they keep growing.

So what is there to do at these smaller cons? For one, meeting famed industry professionals like voice actors is much easier. You'll often just bump into them wandering the halls and are much more accessible to fans. Fans can also mingle among themselves and forge new friendships which was a common sight throughout the convention. 

"Yes, geeks attend social events. What else would you call a convention?"

One of the highlights for Anime California was definitely the Sayonara Summer Fashion Show. On display were dozens of models showing off clothing by geek-centric fashion designers. Every design was centered around geek life and culture. Some were more concept and others more practical ideas that someone could wear to social event. Yes, geeks attend social events. What else would you call a convention?

So, take a look  below and browse through the photos. Click here for high resolution photos on our Flickr page.  

Oliver Ayala

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