Jimmy Kimmel Response to Gamer Criticism

It seems as though Jimmy Kimmel’s comments about Streamers and their viewers on his talk show has instigated angst amongst the gaming community.  Kimmel’s remarks on the video gathered a large audience with the first of his videos about the topic having accumulated over 800,000 views on YouTube and over 100,000 down votes.  With Kimmel’s second video in response to his first reaching over a 1,000,000 views, and 80,000 down votes. 

It seems as though as though the more vocal members of the gaming community hasn’t calmed down as Kimmel posted yet another video in which he showcased some of the more negative comments made on his previous video.  These comments highlighted the best of the worst, many of them wishing death and illness on the late night host, though he took much of the comments in stride using them as a gag for his audience.  Of note however, Kimmel did express that not all the comments made on his videos were negative and spoke of his willingness to sit and watch someone  play games to experience what many of these gamers were arguing for.