Polaroid's Snap camera uses zero ink to print photos

Don't dismiss Polaroid as dead or a thing of the past just yet. The company that made photo development as easy as pressing a button is still trying to wow us. Their latest camera, the Snap, has a super compact profile for a self printing camera that will retail for $99. How did they achieve this? Easy, they just took out the need for any ink. 

Instead, the paper that loads into the camera holds the key. The Zink  paper is loaded into the pictograph box and uses heat to activate color crystals to create an image on a 2''x3'' sheet of paper. The camera's 10 megapixel sensor won't wow anyone, but the novelty might interest some. Heck, it could even be useful under very specific circumstances. Instant wedding collages come to mind. It's obvious that Polaroid wants to appeal to the casual crowd with the design and inclusion of a selfie timer and filter presets which include: color, black and white, and vintage. There's even a Micro SD card slot to boot. If you're interested in the camera then look forward to its release later this year. 

[source Polaroid]


Oliver Ayala

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