Yeah, don't hold your breath for a PS Vita 2

Remember how awesome the idea of Sony making a handheld was when the PSP was announced? Those were good times. Countless classics flowed from the handheld and we all drowned in  handheld gaming bliss with Nintendo's own touch -screen based Nintendo DS. So when Sony announced the release of a followup handheld called the PS Vita, we all rejoiced. It incorporated an extra thumbstick and a touchscreen and rear touch panel to compete with Nintendo and handhelds. It also boasted bleeding edge hardware that outperformed the 3DS. It should have succeeded, but game development just wasn't there. The Vita was more expensive and suffered from expensive proprietary memory cards and lackluster 3rd party support.  The Vita is more successful in Japan, but still falls far short of the performance seen by the PSP.

So, with the current lifespan of the Vita on the horizon, people have started to wonder if Sony has any plans for successor to the struggling Vita. President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida , said that things aren't looking good for a Vita 2. The exec was asked about the future of Sony handheld gaming during the EGX 2015 developer session.

"That's a tough question" Yoshida replied, " People have mobile phones and it's so easy to play games on smartphones and many games on smartphones are free, or free to start." The aggressive push for mobile gaming has been evident on Apple and Android's end.

"but the climate is not healthy now because of the huge dominance of mobile gaming"

Yoshida continued, " I myself am a huge fan of PlayStation Vita and we worked really hard on designing every aspect. Touch-based games are fun- there are many games with really good design, but having sticks and buttons make things totally different." 

"So I hope, like many of you, that this culture of playing portable games continues, but the climate is not healthy now because of the huge dominance of mobile gaming."


Oliver Ayala

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