Amazon Dash buttons pay for themselves after your first purchase


Remember how Amazon tried to revolution buying common household goods a while back? No, not the drones. Those are actually cool. No, I'm talking about their Dash Buttons which debuted in late July for all Prime members. Well, looks like they just made their new program official and added 11 brands and their products which is still exclusive for Prime subscribers. Now you're asking yourself how many brands and products this makes. It's a whopping 29 brands and over 500 products which can be ordered by simply pushing a button. It's not a lot compared to Amazon's full retail offering, but give it time and it's sure to grow if it becomes successful . 

Amazon has even decided to reimburse subscribers the $5 it costs to buy the buttons when you make your first purchase. Take a look at what they have to offer through the new program by clicking here.

[source Engadget]


Oliver Ayala

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