Dapper Geek News is heading out to the Pacific Media Expo!

That's right folks! You've read the headlines right! Dapper Geek News will be down at the Pacific Media Expo (PMX) organized by the Pacific Media Association (PMA) and held in Pasadena California. Convention season is in full swing all across the country and California is no exception. After all, Long Beach Comic Con will be held the following and guess who's going there too? Yes, John Borrowman from Dr. Who and Arrow, but we'll be there too! So, if you get one of our business cards and we hastily take a photo, remember, you're one of the cool kids now.

Oliver Ayala

I'm able to eat 25 Mcnuggets in a row and maintain total composure. It's important to note that I have zero useful skills and will be the third to perish once the country runs out of corn syrup and the end days begin. I have zero allegiances to any gaming company or platform and go where the games are. Anime is my domain and I am a lower tier noble with hopes of becoming a duke. Oh, and I kinda started the site and trick- I mean, convinced some friends into helping.