MIT, Stanford and Toyota partner for AI research

 The harbinger of AI doom

The harbinger of AI doom

In mankind's continual efforts to bring about the end of all human existence through AI destruction,  Toyata Stanord and MIT announced a joint effort to speed up AI research. What does a car need AI for? Well, it's actually pretty harmless. The main goal is to further AI for vehicles and to make them safer. 

Toyota will dive into the collaboration with $50 million over the next five years and even went all in by hiring Dr. Gill Pratt, former DARPA Program Manager. The goal seems to focus on making driving safer overall. that includes us humans who have aged and lost some of our quicker reflexes. It also looks like the research will be applied to humanoid robotics with Pratt saying, "The joint research will also look at applications of the same technology to human-interactive robotics and information service”. 

[Source Toyota]



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