PMX Day 1 Cosplay!

The first day of the Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is behind us and we are left some pretty examples of cosplay. The fact that information from PMX is being overshadowed by Dragon Con and others didn't dampen the cosplayers enthusiasm. One major highlight was Jin (behindinifinity) who was flown over as a guest of honor and seeing the famed cosplayer delighted many of the convention attendees.We'll have a full breakdown of our experience at PMX once the convention ends on Monday.  In the meantime, scroll down below to check out some of the cosplay on display and click here for high resolution pictures on our Flickr account. 

Oliver Ayala

I'm able to eat 25 Mcnuggets in a row and maintain total composure. It's important to note that I have zero useful skills and will be the third to perish once the country runs out of corn syrup and the end days begin. I have zero allegiances to any gaming company or platform and go where the games are. Anime is my domain and I am a lower tier noble with hopes of becoming a duke. Oh, and I kinda started the site and trick- I mean, convinced some friends into helping.