Do we really need a vending machine that dispenses hot french fries?Yes

Soda, cups of coffee, pizza and now french fries. These are all things that I probably consume far too much, but they are also common things that are available via vending machines.

Students at Wageningen University in the Netherlands have managed to create a vending machine that can whip up a batch of hot french fries. The whole process takes around two minutes and fries the frozen spuds and spits them out into a container.

So where can you expect to find these machines? Not anywhere near you. At least not for now. There is only one machine and it's a prototype located on campus at Wageningen University. The developers say that they would like to expand the reach of these machines if they turn out to be successful. Now I just need to make room in my house for one. 

[source Engadget]


Oliver Ayala

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