Super Cosplay Sunday

Cosplayer: @thescientistwrangler on Instagram

If you thought that cosplay was limited to conventions then you thought wrong. This increasingly popular pastime is an amazing and creative medium for us fellow geeks to express our love for all things nerdy and look even cooler than we already do. 

Cosplay is a common enough sight during conventions, but on occasion, gatherings outside the dimly lit halls of convention centers are organized. Why? It's fun, cosplayers get amazing photos, photographers get to practice and have free models and it's a great place to meet new friends and not have the impending rush of an upcoming panel and exclusives that must be purchased.

This Super Bowl Sunday, a small gathering was organized by Crystal Rose Creations in Riverside California. I know, who would go out on Super Bowl Sunday? It's just our band of fun. All sorts of cosplayers showed up. From well known faces on Instagram to avid fans who are taking their first steps into this crazy and fun world we call Cosplay. 

As always, make sure  to click on the Flickr link to get the full resolution images.


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Oliver Ayala

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