Cal State Fullerton Students threw together a convention and it was a blast

All Photos by Oliver Ayala

The convention scene is filled with small and large events and there always seems to be a new one around the corner. This past Sunday marked the first Titan Con organized in large part by students of Cal State Fullerton. 

Typical conventions are organized by large entities or have large names attached to them like Stan Lee, but this is a refreshing and charming change of pace. The campus offered ample space and tons of locations for cosplayers and friends to gather despite the gloomy and overcast weather. I'm pretty sure that even more people would have shown up had it not been for the weather and a competing Dr Who event at Disneyland. 

As always, conventions feature loads of talented cosplayers who put their skills on display and have a blast. Make sure to click on the Flickr link to see the full resolution pictures. Make sure to tag us on social media if you share any of the pictures.


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Titan Con

Oliver Ayala

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