Cosplayer of the week

Sabrina Nikkol as Ariel.Photo by Dapper Geek News photographer Oliver Ayala

Living in Southern California means a convention every week and we aren't starved for amazing cosplayers. As some of you might know, I love to take cosplay photos. The most consistent aspect of this website is cosplay photography. In fact, I regularly schedule and do out of con cosplay shoots. The geeky sanctuaries known as convention centers are great for photos, but you sometimes need to go the extra step to provide environmental backdrops.So, taking that into account, I will now do a weekly feature showing off some cosplayers during  some of these shoots.

The first up is cosplayer Sabrina Nikkol who can be found on Instagram and on Facebook. You can also browse some of the photos taken during our shoots.

Oliver Ayala

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