These cosplayers totally rock Disney Princess bikinis

It's been pretty warm down here in California so that means beach shoots! I managed to tag along with cosplayers Maid of Might, Ashlynn Dae, Milynn Sarley Elizabeth Rage, Hendoart and Reagankmay and got some amazing shots as they tried on the latest entries from Enchanted Bikinis at the Santa Monica Pier.

Beach shoots are a tricky thing. The setting is gorgeous, but the giant crowds and sea breeze can cause some issues. Not to mention that switching lenses is asking for an anxiety attack given that my Sony A7RII has its sensor completely exposed .The thought of a grain of sand getting in there gives me nightmares. 

 Yeah, you don't want anything in there.

Yeah, you don't want anything in there.

As for how I shot these, just natural light. LA County isn't too keen on strobes or fancy lighting gear so everything has to natural light. That and because I don't have any fancy lights to begin with. 

I almost always rely on my Zeiss Distagon 35mm f1/4 for shooting. I know, why use a 35mm when you have all that clearance to use an 85mm or 70-200m? The simple answer? I just like my 35mm and I didn't feel like changing lenses at the beach for the 3 shots where I wanted my 70-200mm.


Everything was shot in aperture priority mode and edited in Lightroom and some light work to touch up stray  strands of majestic hair in Photoshop. Keep an eye out for more cosplay pictures and coverage from Anime Expo.

Oliver Ayala

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