Anime Expo Day 1 Photos

Photo by Oliver Ayala

Day one of Anime Expo kicked off to a great start on Friday July 1st at the Los Angeles Convention center. Thousands flocked to the convention which would go on to break attendance numbers over the next four days topping out at over 100,000 people.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Anime Expo is a far better convention in terms of the number of cosplayers and the quality than San Diego Comic Con.The only downside is the sheer size of the convention has created a bit of a logistical problem. Countless stories emerged over the weekend complaining about rude staff, narrow aisles in the newly moved artist alley and a severe lack of air conditioning.

That being said, the convention ran relatively smooth for many attendees and managed to showcase the strength of the American anime community to Japanese content creators.

Now, enough of that and on to what we all came here for.Cosplay! As always click on the gallery below or the Flickr link if you wish to download any of the images and see the complete sets.

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All photos by Oliver Ayala

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