San Diego Comic Con 2016

All Photos by Oliver Ayala

San Diego Comic Con was definitely enormous, but somehow felt less crowded. This might be due to better line and crowd management or just people sitting it out at times. Either way, it still remains as one of the biggest geek centered spectacles around.

Part of that spectacle includes the cool  merch and exclusives that SDCC is known for. It's not just about the merch, but panels as well and major film and television  studios were present yet again to show off their upcoming projects hoping to drum up hype. Though companies are now beginning to second guess the effectiveness of marketing during SDCC with some withdrawing to feature content during their own conventions like Disney does with D23.

Lets not forget about the gaming side of the event. With space being a limited commodity, Microsoft and Nintendo both respectable spaces withing the convention center, but also set aside space inside nearby hotels in order to offer attendees more immersive experiences.

Now we come to the cosplay. There certainly are the occasional amazing cosplays on display, but SDCC is no longer the bastion of cosplay that it once was. The high temperatures, large crowds and difficulty of getting a badge actually discourages more dedicated cosplayers from wearing elaborate costumes. The majority of the attendees are in regular clothing and the others who do cosplay have more comfortable costumes purchased from online stores. You'll see higher densities of cosplay at conventions like Dragon Con and Anime Expo.

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