DirecTV Accidentally Billed Woman $184,530.67


An Ohio woman was incorrectly billed $184,530.67 due to an accounting error at AT&T and DirecTV, local Ohio news outlet KTLA 5 reports (hat tip to the fine folks at Boing Boing). The woman says the problems began when she recently took the company up on its offer to bundle its DirecTV TV service and AT&T wireless service under one bill, after which she began seeing errant charges somewhat untethered from reality. The woman says getting AT&T to correct the issue was unsuccessful until she contacted the media -- a fairly common occurrencein the telecom and TV sector.

The retired postal worker and Army veteran says her frustration with the company almost drove her to drink.

“I mean, my chest got heavy,” the Ohio woman told the news outlet. “I had to get some water. I don't drink. I was ready to drink." “I know I don't have that kind of money,” the woman said after being informed by DirecTV that she somehow owed the company $184,530.67. “And, since April? There's no way.”

Fortunately, once the media indicated the error would be getting widespread attention, AT&T resolved the error and credited the woman's account. As is often the case with these types of stories, neither AT&T nor DirecTV was able to explain how such an egregious error occurred.

Oliver Ayala

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