Anime Los Angeles 2017 Fashion Show

 All Photos by Oliver Ayala. Clothing by Darling Army 

All Photos by Oliver Ayala. Clothing by Darling Army 

So here we are folks and this is the first convention I managed to attend in 2017. Anime Los Angles has become known as a party con due to the lively after parties during each night of the convention. 

In addition to the lively nature is something that remains a staple of ALA, the fashion show. We had quite a number of designers and fashion lines this year. Including Darling Army, My Fashion, Majesti Designs, Girl With One Eye, Creators Guild. Ronova, Wagashi and Bunny Over The Moon. As always, take a look in the gallery below to see some of the trendiest clothes you'll in geek chic fashion.

Oliver Ayala

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